Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colby Tavers

Helmut Muller

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ace in the Hole

Ivy League

Lex Baldwin

Lex Baldwin is a muscular, thick-cocked stud who was active in the early 1990s and is the brother of str8 porn star TT Boy. Lex also did bisexual and straight work and was supposedly gay for pay - it was alleged his cock never penetrated a guy and that his fucking was stunted. He was born in November 1969 and stands about 6ft tall. He also goes by the names Eric Conte, Keith Rivera, Talon, and Dillon Boy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Victor Racek

Victor Racek is a hairy, muscular stud with great looks who hails from the Czech Republic. Born in 1973, Victor sports an 8-inch uncut cock and also uses the name Peter Rascek. He was in the industry from about 2000 to 2002 in both Europe and the US.

Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop was born and raised in Idaho and went on to study, qualifying with a BA in psychology and later as a pastry chef. He has blond hair, blue eyes, says he's into most fetishes and stands about 5ft 9ins tall. He got into porn after moving to San Francisco in 2003 to study at culinary college - a friend suggested it would be an ideal move for a guy with a big dick and a sexy ass. He has a cock tattoo, which he had done after surviving testicular cancer.

Tyson Cane

Tyson Cane stands about 5ft 10ins tall, debuted in the mid-1990s and set up his own production company after several years in front of the camera. Among his other jobs, he worked for Prince as a set designer in one of his clubs and was a graphic designer, website creator and production assistant. He also served in the army.

Serge Istavan

Serge Istavan is a delicious European stud with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a thick 8-inch uncut cock. Like many European stars, he goes under many aliases including Tamas Ridgestone, Cory Luvidovoich and Jeff Biggg. He stands about 5ft 10ins tall, is mainly a bottom and made most of his movies in the late 1990s.

Sam Carson

Sam Carson is a stunning strawberry blond dude who made a large number of movies after debuting in the mid-1990s. A versatile top who stands about 5ft 10ins tall. Sam has an 8-inch cut cock.

Remy Delaine

Remy Delaine is one of the hottest-looking guys in gay porn. Originally from French Polynesia, where he was born in 1981, he moved to Australia to study multimedia and was discovered there by Pistol Media, for whom he made a number of XXX movies. These attracted the attention of Raging Stallion in the USA in around 2004. A real sex pig, Remy is versatile but is often seen bottoming and he has an awesome 11-inch uncut cock. He was named Raging Stallion's 2006 Man of the Year.

Mason Jarr

Mason Jarr, who was also known as Ron Payton, was discovered by director Dirk Yates - famed for his movies of amateur military guys in action - and once won a best newcomer award despite often lacklustre performances. A top, he stands about 5ft 11ins tall, has brown hair, a 7-inch cut cock and is allegedly straight.

Mario McCabe

Mario McCabe is a Hungarian stud who boasts a fat, 8-inch uncut cock. He's been making pornos since about 2005 for big-name European studios like Private Mansize and Diamond Picture as well as American director Michael Lucas. He can usually be found bottoming and he stands about 6ft tall.

Johan Volny

Johan Volny is a popular European star and exclusive with the British Eurocreme outfit. He was born on April 27, 1985, in the Czech Republic, has two brothers, stands about 5ft 10ins tall and has amazing blue eyes. He also has a 7.5-inch uncut dick and both tops and bottoms. He says he first had sex with his fitness trainer at the gym he used when he was 16 but he got into porn in about 2004.